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This is an RP journal.

Fifteen-year-old Tanaka Ainosuke had an older brother, Yumeto, whom he worshipped. Yumeto even donated a cornea in a transplant to Ainosuke's left eye, so that his little brother could become an even better artist than he already was. Tragically, Yumeto then died in an explosion at work. Soon afterwards, Ainosuke began seeing inexplicable visions in his left eye anytime it was struck. Deducing that these images were somehow related to his brother's death, Ainosuke began his own investigation. As he progressed, Ainosuke made the shocking discovery that his beloved brother not only faked his own death but that he was, in fact, a criminal planner. From there on, the two brothers were rivals in a clash of good vs. evil. Ainosuke, the young sleuth armed with visions of his brother's latest plots and Yumeto, the criminal genius who seems to be completely untouchable by the law.